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Chun Che

- Mason and Anna, adopted from Taiwan

" Heartsent is a very special company. Every legal, emotional and logistical step in the adoption is carefully thought out, planned for and considered. They guide you through the aspects that are uncertain (and those are frustrating) and have specialized resources ready for customized expertise. There is no substitute for knowledgeable, CARING people who know you, to make it possible to meet the legal, emotional, international and scheduling responsibilities. We cannot recommend Heartsent highly enough."

- Daniel and Ruth, adopted from Taiwan

Chun Che

Val has created a great service to families! We have known the wonderful staff at Heartsent for over 7 years. The experience level and professionalism of all the Heartsent staff have been top-notch. We just completed our 2nd international adoption and feel the compassion and support was just as strong for our family as our 1st experience. The staff kept us informed and prepared us completely for our travel and beyond.

- Michael and Barbara, adopted from Ethiopia

We greatly appreciate working with HAI. The team is sensitive and professional to our needs. As a result our family thrives.

- Alan and Jessica, adopted from Taiwan

Heartsent was warm, supportive, and always available at every stage of this challenging (and rewarding!) process! They not only answered our many questions, but also gave us much needed emotional support.

- Ben and Crystal, adopted from Colombia

We recently returned home from adopting our son in Colombia. This was our first adoption and so the whole process was new to us. Heartsent’s employees were there with us every step of the way. They were always available to answer questions and to calm our nerves… although our adoption took a little longer than expected and wasn't’t without its glitches, Heartsent was able to help us through each bump in the road…Thank you to Heartsent, overall we have had a very positive experience.

- Jennifer, adopted from China

My husband and I are the proud parents of Aaron, adopted through Heartsent a few years ago. I've been thinking of writing this letter for a long time, even before we traveled to China. We had a very rough start, and eventually had to start over with a new program- which turned out to be China. It was hard to have to start over, but due to our first program's conditions, that is what had to happen. Luckily, we were next assigned to Jill in Pasadena. I was very unsure of everything going forward, at first. But Jill was always there to answer any question I had, and was endlessly patient. I had become distrustful, but she was understanding and helped me to move forward. Any email was answered promptly. Jill was very kind and considerate, and seemed to take a personal interest in our family. Once we finally chose China to adopt from, we were introduced to Karen, who would handle our case from then on. Karen worked so patiently with us, explaining and patiently waiting for us to become ready, willing and able to joyfully say yes to the referral of the darling boy that would become our son. Karen spent countless hours with us, discussing the program and the different needs of the children. She was unfaltering in her belief that we could do this, that there was a child out there that we would be the right family for. Denise Berry was also very friendly and helpful as sometimes I would also talk with her during our process. But it was Karen who logged the long phone calls with updates about the program month after month. Karen really helped me during some dark days! Karen cheered for us every step of the way, she calmed my nerves more than once and helped me to have faith in myelf. At a certain point I realized she knew us better than we knew ourselves. It takes a special person to balance the reality of the program with the hopes and fears of the adoptive family, and Karen handled that very well. After all that, I know now it was so well worth it !I wanted you to know, Val, that you have these two wonderful people at Heartsent, and what they have meant to me. I don't think I could have navigated the world of special needs adoption without these two women by my side. After only four months home with Aaron I know there will be no limit to what he will accomplish, despite the fact he will using a prosthetic leg to get around. It was a leap of faith for us, and the reward has been amazing. And I have to admit you were right-- that long ago night you told me you truly believed we would be happy in the end. And we are beyond happy. So thank you, too. Happy holidays to you and your family. Sincerely, Jennifer

- Jason and Lindsey, adopted from China

Our son was listed on Reece’s Rainbow, and once we asked to see his file, we decided to pursue his adoption. He was listed with Heartsent, so they became our adoption agency. We had never heard of Heartsent, so we didn’t know how things would go with them. As it turned out, we were very happy with Heartsent and would recommend them to others considering adoption. Their China Program Directors were so helpful every step of the way. No question was too small for them to answer. They were always professional and timely in their responses. We are grateful for the hard work they did to help us complete our adoption!

- Natalie, adopted from Colombia

Chun Che

I had the honor of being Heartsent’s first Colombian adoption. By the time I was finished, I felt like the staff were friends. Both the US and Colombian staff were great to work with. They answered my hundreds of questions quickly and kindly. I recommend Heartsent to anyone I know interested in Colombia.