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So, you’re ready to get started on your adoption journey. What’s the next step?

Home Study

All adoptions begin with completing a home study. Families living anywhere in California may use Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. as their home study agency, and families living outside of California choose a home study agency located in their home state. Heartsent also provides home study services to American citizens living abroad, using international social workers.

Click here to view our Sample Home Study Contract.

Choosing an Adoption Program

The most important decision to make in your adoption journey is which country you would like to adopt from (including the U.S.). Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. provides direct adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States..

Click here to view our Sample Generic Adoption Services Contract.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. is also happy to work with families who wish to adopt from countries that are not on our list of direct programs. These “Home Study Only” families use Heartsent as their home study and post adoption/post placement agency, and use another adoption agency or an adoption attorney for the placement of the child. Over the years, we have helped families adopt from countries all over the world, including Morocco, Tanzania, Ukraine, Nepal, Brazil, Nigeria, Haiti and more!

All of our programs are open to Heartsent home study families, and our Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Taiwan, Outgoing and Thailand programs are open to families living in other states.

Heartsent is also open to families living in other countries wishing to adopt U.S. children (Outgoing Adoptions).

Contact Us

Want to learn more? Not sure which country to choose? No problem! Feel free to contact our Program Directors to discuss your options and to find out more information about our specific adoption programs!

For families living in California and all other U.S. states, and countries outside of the U.S., please contact our Main Office in Orinda, CA. (SF Bay Area)

(925) 254-8883

Program Contact Person in Orinda Office
China aAdoption Program Interim Director Jenna Pollack
Taiwan and Taiwan Waiting Children Flora Lai
Post Adoption and Re-Adoption Mollie Kastner
Domestic and Outgoing Programs Mollie Kastner
Colombia and Thailand Kristina Maglic and Val Free
Bulgaria Kristina Maglic

For families living in Southern California, please contact our Pasadena, CA office.

(626) 793-8333

Program Contact Person in Pasadena Office
China Program Laura Noonan and Kirsten Hagen
Taiwan and Taiwan Waiting Children Kirsten Hagen
Domestic, and Home Study Only Kirsten Hagen and Samantha Booras
Thailand Kirsten Hagen and Val Free
Colombia Kirsten Hagen and Samantha Booras

Get Started Now!

Once you’ve discussed your adoption plans with a Program Director or our Executive Director, Val Free, it’s time to call for a personal informational meeting!

When you’re ready, ask us for an application, then send or bring in the application with the application fee (call for more information about this and other adoption fees), and we’ll get you started on your adoption journey.