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WELCOME to Heartsent's Program of Adoptions in Colombia!

NEWS: We had many families who traveled to Colombiaoror started their adoption journey for Colombia during the year 2017, a very successfull year!! Families await child assignments and other families are coming back to adopt again. We would like to welcome more families to our Colombia program! With our help, and the invaluable help of our in country coordinator, families can find a child or children to adopt, complete necessary paperwork, and arrange for travel within about 8-10 months. Time in country is between 2-3 weeks, with only one person needing to stay for the whole time. Please contact us for more information about this program, by calling Kristina Maglic, Interim Colombia Program Director at 925-254-8883.

For Colombian Citizens

Colombian citizens living in the U.S. have preference when adopting from Colombia. A Colombian citizen can receive the referral of a healthy young child in about 6 months, completing their adoption in under one year. At least one person of the couple who is adopting must be an American Citizen. We invite Colombian citizens who want to adopt from their birth country to call or email us to inquire about this program.

Program Overview

Colombia is a Hague country with a beautifully diverse culture and an established, ethical system of adoption. The Central Authority of Adoption in place to oversee adoption is called the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF). The ICBF works closely with authorized, private children’s homes and a stable baby home, orphanage and foster care system to find the best situation for each child in need of a forever family. We have children immediately available, or you can join a wait list for an adoption. If you would like to know more about our available children in Colombia, please call us at 925-254-8883 to talk with Kristina Maglicr, Interim Colombia Program Director.

Process of Adoption

Colombia has been following Hague standards of adoption since 1998 and requires that adoptive families, with the help of their home study and placement agency, follow the Hague guidelines throughout the adoption process. Families adopting from Colombia complete a home study where they collect documents and have a series of meetings with a social worker. A Heartsent case worker stays with you throughout the adoption process if you complete your adoption in California. Out of state families will work with a Heartsent caseworker throughout their process after the home study has been completed in their local state.

After families are approved by U.S. Immigration to adopt, they are ready to submit their “dossier” to Colombia. This packet of information about the family is completed in about 1-2 months, and is then submitted to Colombia. It can take between 1-2 months to be approved. At that time, families wait to be matched with their child or find and choose the child/ children they wish to adopt. The psychologists and other professionals of the ICBF consider each family and child as a unique case when approving these matches of children and parents. If a family decides to adopt one of Colombia’s waiting children from Heartsent's child list, this process moves much more quickly.

Traveling to Colombia

Once it is time to finalize the adoption, U.S. Immigration approves your child to be adopted and both adoptive parents (or the single parent) fly to the capital of Colombia: the vibrant and developed city of Bogotá. Heartsent’s Colombia Coordinator meets families at the airport and helps them throughout their 2-3 week stay. The first part of the adoption is usually finalized within the first week. After this initial legal process is complete, one parent has the option to return home while the other parent and the newly adopted child remain in Bogotá to finalize the visa process. Families have the option to stay in a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or guesthouse alongside other families going through the adoption process.

Requirements for Adopting Parents

Colombia asks that prospective adoptive couples have a history of being married or living together for at least two years. Families should not have a serious criminal record and should be able to show that they can provide their future child (children) with a physically, medically, and psychologically stable family and home. Single applicants are welcome to apply.

Prospective Adoptive Parents wishing to adopt from Colombia are eligible to adopt because they:

Families: Should Expect a Wait Time of:
Are Colombian citizens wanting to adopt a healthy child from 0-14 yrs 6 months to one year!
Are open to a healthy child between 7-14 from the Waiting Child List Your identification of a waiting child lets you start your adoption immediately!
Are open to healthy sibling groups of all ages Can start your adoption immediately!
Are open to a (minor or more serious) special needs child of any age Can start the adoption process immediately, once you have identified a child you wish to adopt!


After the home study process is complete, adopting through Heartsent’s Colombia Program is estimated to cost between $21,000 - $26,000. Colombian citizens receive additional discounts. This includes the required post-adoption reports..