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International Adoption Programs at Heartsent

International Adoptions continue to experience changes in timing and processing, but we are continuing to see encouraging news in many countries. Adoptive parents have seen many new policies and options in the past 3-4 years, and new countries are opening regularly. New prospective adoptive families need to do their research, consider their choices and check timelines and costs. This is creating a situation where adoptive parents are looking at country choices they have not considered in the past. Families are opening to new possibilities, and are providing bright futures for children in countries that up to now have either not allowed adoptions, or where the adoption path may be 'less traveled’. Ask our staff about these roads less traveled, and you may find that you are directed to your child from an area of the world you never even knew about before. Consider our direct programs in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Colombia, and Bulgaria.

Heartsent has three ways of completing adoptions for our adoptive families:

Direct programs of adoption, Networking programs where we work closely in conjunction with another placement agency, and Adoption programs where Heartsent provides the foundational home study and post adoption or post placement services, and the placement is made by another agency. For many years Heartsent has had good relationships with a number of adoption agencies throughout the United States. It is possible for families living anywhere in California to complete a home study and post placement or post adoption services with Heartsent and to complete an adoption using the child placement services of another agency. This creates the opportunity for a Heartsent family to adopt from many countries where Heartsent does not have direct adoption programs. In this way, Heartsent has assisted adoptive families who have adopted from the following countries: Philippines, Ukraine, Nepal, Peru, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Mexico, India and Korea. Other countries can be worked with, as long as they have a functional program of adoptions.

Heartsent is also available to provide 'liaison services' to adoptive families who are using a different child placement agency, but who wish to combine the home study process with the collection of paperwork for the adoption dossier along with the ongoing support of Heartsent staff. Liaison services from Heartsent include assistance with dossier collection, the authentication and legalization of the dossier,support in many areas, assistance with the child referral process, travel details, and a variety of post services once you get home with your child. All adoptive families who wish to complete a home study from Heartsent receive free classes to assist with a variety of issues relating to the adoption of a foreign born child, as well as specially scheduled classes for a nominal fee.