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Chun Che

What is Heartsent Learning Solutions?

Heartsent Learning Solutions (HLS) is a "Neuro" program of playful activities, coupled with age appropriate academic instruction. We design your child’s program to fit their needs; the result is functional improvement in neurodevelopment and processing that lasts a lifetime.

A skilled teacher, and an adoptive mom with a therapeutic background and five adopted children who needed help (Val Free, our Executive Director), developed this program. Val says "I have tested this program on my own children, and made sure it worked before offering it to you! I am excited to offer this program to you, to help YOUR children benefit like mine have been. I completely stand behind this amazing program".

Heartsent Learning Solutions incorporates HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency- see www.Handle.org) activities into the HLS program. Together they work to identify and strengthen sensory, motor and/or processing systems, and develop academic and behavioral skills, facilitating learning.

Services We Currently Offer

Call Heartsent Learning Solutions (925-254-8883), and get your child on the road to the bright, happy future that you have always envisioned for him/her. We know about adopted children, we understand their needs, and we know how to meet them - quickly, efficiently, in a cost effective manner, so that your entire family can benefit.