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One of the many important commitments that Heartsent makes to adopting parents involves exposure to the many issues of domestic and international adoption, through the focus classes and adoption workshops provided at our agency. For our adopting parents, we are proud to offer a class and workshop schedule for the year prior to adoption, followed by one year of post adoption focus classes once you are home. Classes and workshops are held in each of our office locations, offering a personal opportunity to learn about the many issues of adoption, as well as the opportunity to meet other adopting families while you all learn together. Adoption workshops are free to all of our home study families. Community members can attend for a nominal fee.

Classes Include:


This class or personal meeting with our staff is offered free of charge to all community members who are interested in learning more about adoption, and to adopting parents while they are in the program. Orientation serves many purposes, but primarily seeks to make the adoption process more real and inspirational by inviting a panel of adoptive parents (and their adopted children!) to speak about their experiences to the adopting parents beginning their home studies. Personal meetings are also offered at no charge to those you wish more information about how adoption works at Heartsent, and to help you get more clear about which program(s) may work best to meet your needs.

Focus Class Workshops

(Pre-Adoption, during the adoption process and post-adoption or post placement, once you are home) These classes continue throughout each family's pre adoption time period, and include such topics as attachment and bonding, travel to the foreign country (if international adoptions), working with your child's personality and' type', adopting a toddler or older child, challenges of single parenting, and a variety of cross cultural topics as well as issues of domestically adopted children. We are presently offering our classes as Adoption Workshops, which include 3 topics and last for 3 hours each. Feel free to let us know what topics are of interest to you!

Cultural Events

These events are offered throughout the year, and include both pre and post adoption families. It is our commitment to the children that the parents are exposed to information, education and culture and customs of their child's homeland. These events are fun, and educational as well!