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Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization formed from a desire to provide prospective adoptive couples and individuals with their heart's wish- a child to love. We believe that the process by which these families find each other should be supportive, educational and kind. The individuals who first conceived of Heartsent are adoptive parents themselves, as are most of the Board of Directors. Together, we are a family of interested and informed individuals ready to serve the needs of those who wish to explore international and domestic adoption as a means to start their own families. Between us we have many adopted children, experience with both large and small adoption agencies, and come from professions in the helping and business fields. It is our commitment to each prospective parent to assist with all the necessary paperwork for the successful completion of an international or domestic adoption, and to provide encouragement and support each step of the way. Below is Val Free, Executive Director and Heartsent's Founder, with our 1,000th baby:

Our philosophy and commitment is to offer a kind process for adopting families, and reasonable prices to allow more families to reach their adoption dreams. It is also important to us that we make your adoption process personal to your family, so our many classes and cultural events are designed according to your needs and requests. Heartsent invites our adopting parents to share their experiences with others, thus a parents-helping-parents atmosphere is created. We find that this looser, more relaxed style is conducive to a more natural process and more "real" questions and answers from our adopting families. We are pleased to welcome you to our family of adopting parents!